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Child Protection

Caring For Our Young


Dear Junior Members and Parents, 


At Blackrock Tennis Club we believe that tennis should be a fun and health experience for all of us. We aim to make our club welcoming and inclusive.


The safety of children in Blackrock Tennis Club is our most important priority. This reflects the policy of Tennis Ireland and the requirements of the Children First Act 2015.


The club has a responsibility for the safety of children while attending the club or travelling for club-organised events. (The club is not responsible for children's safety during privately organised tennis events inside or outside the club.)


This section of the website contains the contacts you need and what to do if you are concerned about your safety, the safety of your child or another child.


If you are in any way concerned that you are at risk of harm or a child is at risk of harm, please immediately contact:

The Club will deal with any concerns raised quickly and as fairly and sensitively as possible.  Other sports and their participants have learned the hard way what happens when children’s concerns are not taken seriously and children are not well protected. 


Serious concerns may be reportable to the Gardai or Tusla.


We have included the following documents for your information:


- the risk assessment and child safeguarding statement for our club

- the code of conduct for our junior members

- our reporting policy

- our photography and use of images policy

- our recruitment and coach education policy

- our missing child policy


If you have any questions or comments about child protection issues, please contact the Children’s Officers.


Kathryn Ryan & Emmett Higgins

Robert Heron.png

Mr. Robert Heron

Ailbhe Heron.png

Ms. Ailbhe Heron

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