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There is coaching available on both Wednesday evenings and Thursday mornings during social tennis for Ladies. Private lessons are also available from the Club coaches. Please contact them directly.

Fergus Murphy



As Head Tennis Coach my role is to develop and implement the coaching Programme for both Senior and Junior members.  Monitor and evaluation of programme on an ongoing basis.  Overall responsibility to provide a quality on court programme that meets and exceeds the needs of all members from both coaching and playing perspectives.


“I am a player centred coach which means my goal is to allow my players to play and improve in a fun and safe environment, while reaching their individual tennis potential.”     Play Learn Play Better


Level 3 Tennis Ireland Coach:


Fergus is available for private coaching to members: Rate €50.00 per hour.

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Fergus Murphy S
Laura Treston S
Laura Treston.jpg

Laura Treston



Laura works closely with Head Tennis Coach to manage and deliver the best possible coaching programme for all members in BBTC. 


”To create a learning environment that is constantly challenging and enjoyable, whilst providing continuous development for all levels and abilities”


Has competed in various tournaments since junior level and represented her club on many occasions.  Current club champion


Level 3 Tennis Ireland Coach:


Laura is available for private coaching to members: Rate €40.00 per hour.

Molly O'Grady S
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