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Interested in Joining? 

Bowling Section: We welcome all Bowling membership enquiries, so if you are interested in learning more, please get in touch. We look forward to showing you around the Club. You can contact the Bowling section by contacting the Club Administration using the form below.  Further information can also be found in the Bowling Section of this website.

Tennis Section: Spring'23. The Tennis section of the club is now full to capacity for 2023. All applications, already received, for tennis membership will be kept on file & join a waiting list for places in 2024. The Club is now accepting Application forms for membership in 2024/2025, should places become available.

If you wish to fill out an application form please access the form here.

Playing and attending club coaching is for members only, as non members are not covered by the necessary club insurance. However, some coaching places are made available for non-members, depending on numbers in each age group. Summer camps occasionally have places for non-members, depending on numbers. 

Junior applications (under the age of 14) must be associated with an existing or new Senior member. A complete set of rules is available on request.

If you need any further information regarding the Tennis section please contact the Club using the form below.


Senior Bowling     : €345 p.a. 

  • €20 discount for Over 65’s

  • Includes €70 bar voucher


Senior Tennis: €370 p.a.** 

Intermediate Tennis €125 p.a.

Student 18-25: €65 p.a.

Junior: €65 p.a.

Junior 14-18: €125 p.a.

** €20 discount for Over 65’s

** Includes €70 bar voucher

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