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Why play bowls?

It is a game you can play at any age, but you are always learning and improving.  There is just as much mental stimulation in bowling as there is physical exercise, and it is just as valuable in terms of social interaction.


It consists of rolling coloured bowls, as close as possible to a white ball, called the jack. There is a weight bias in the bowls, and so they don't go in a straight line, but in a curve (called a draw).


How to join Blackrock Lawn Bowls Club

1 You can arrange to meet some members and try a "roll up". Contact You can borrow some bowls from us - we have a variety of sizes and types. Our only request is that you wear flat shoes with no heels and preferably no ridges on the soles.


2  Fill up an application form (available in the Club House or request by email here and get two members to propose and second you and leave it in the Club House or email it in to us.

You application will be put on our notice board for a couple of weeks and then considered by the Board of Management. Soon after that you should get an invitation to join and pay a membership fee.

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