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Club Facilities


The Club’s function hall is available for hire for social events only by or through members of the club:

(i) Members and immediate family may hire the premises.

(ii) A person not covered by (i) above may hire the premises, but only through the request of a member who shall be responsible for all aspects of the function as if he/she had hired the premises.

(iii) Charitable events, but only through the request of a member who shall be responsible for all aspects of the function as if he/she had hired the premises.


Applications/enquiries can be made to the Club Administrator (by email or post, details above) and no arrangements shall be made until the Club/Bar manager has agreed the booking and set out the terms of booking in writing.

Function halls

Number of guests: The hall caters comfortably for 80 people for dining (using the large round tables) or 90 maximum. The maximum number for quizzes etc. is 130 people.


Closing: The Bar shall close no later than 12.30am and the premises shall be vacated no later than

Numbers: Depending on the number of persons expected, there may be a need to hire extra bar persons so the hirer must inform the club in advance of the event in order that additional bar staff cover can be arranged (prices below are for one bar person).

Members access: Applicants should note that club members have access to the club bar (not the hall) at all times, regardless of private functions on in the hall.

Alcohol: Only alcohol sold in the bar may be consumed on the premises. The only exception to this rule is wine which may be supplied by the hirer subject to agreement on corkage (@ €7).

Summer Hours:  

Winter Hours: 


Equipment: The club has up-to-date catering facilities and these are available to the hirer on the strict understanding that all utensils, crockery and cutlery are cleaned and returned to stock on the night. All tablecloths and glass cloths must be laundered at the cost of the hirer and returned to the premises within five days.


The hirer shall be responsible for checking the availability of appropriate glassware, crockery and cutlery before the event also.

Access: Access to the Club on the day/afternoon of the function can be arranged in advance.

Please note: The fee charged for clean-up is for re-stocking of the bar and general cleaning in the Bar, hall etc. and does not include the kitchen area which must be left as found.

Health and Safety

All safety and security rules must be adhered to.


All doors must be kept clear and no naked flames allowed.

Terms of Hire

A. Members and immediate family: €130 - €210 (Hall rental free; Bar-staff €80 (per bar person); re-stock of bar/cleaning €50).

B. Event for non-members sponsored by a member per No.1(ii) above: €230-€310 (Hall rental €100; Bar-staff €80 per bar person; re-stock/cleaning €50).

C. Charitable events: €130-€210 (Hall rental FREE; Bar staff €80 per bar person; Re-stock of bar/cleaning €50).

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