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Welcome to Blackrock Bowling & Tennis Club

Blackrock Tennis & Bowling Club founded in 1906 and is situated in a beautiful, tranquil setting just off Mount Merrion Avenue, on Green Road. We have four all weather tennis courts, and a brand new state of the art grass bowling green, built to US PGA tour specifications.We also have excellent changing facilities, a well appointed bar, and a large hall used for indoor bowling and all kinds of social events. Members are welcome to book the hall for all kinds of social functions.



The Tennis Section at Blackrock Bowling and Tennis Club has three active playing parts – Mens, Ladies and Juniors. Each section is involved in encouraging all levels of play from league competition to social. The Club takes part in the DLTC leagues in both Summer and Winter, as well as local competitions. All members welcome to Social Tennis.  This is a great way to get to know members.     


We welcome new members from beginners, to experienced players. If you are interested in joining please visit our  Membership Information page for all the current Bowling membership info or use the CONTACT US tab & information can be email to you.

Latest News


The anecdotal evidence is that the Company was set up in response to proposals from a local builder to build a factory on the site. To pre-empt this possibility a group of “gentlemen” got together to form Blackrock Bowling and Lawn Tennis Club.


They then approached the successors of the Rev. John Craig who in 1843 had taken out a lease on the land from the Pembroke Estate. The new Company took out a lease for a period of 33 years, on an area of one acre, two roods & four perches on land situated behind Victoria Place.

Included in this lease was a clause that forbade the use of the premises “for the purpose of any trade, manufacture or business of any description, nor of any public body or society or religious or charitable institution nor as an asylum for lunatics or idiots hospital, nursing or nurses home or barrack school or as a burial ground”. This clause was to prove invaluable, when, at a later date, during a difficult financial period creditors came prowling around thinking that they could move in on a lucrative site. The restriction on any business caused them to shrink back from whence they came. With regard to the reference to the burial ground, there have been many occasions when a bowl or a tennis ball took a funny bump and members, and even more so visitors, swore that there must be a body buried under that spot.

Blackrock Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club Ltd. was set up in 1906 as an old Public Limited Company with a maximum of 50 Shareholders. It was to remain like this for 90 years until the Shareholders agreed to hand over power in 1996 to Blackrock Bowling & Tennis Club Ltd. This was a new Company limited by Guarantee, not having a share capital, which had been set up to allow all the members a say in the running of the Company.

Historic Blackrock Bowling and Tennis Club

Board Members 2024

President & Chairman          Laurence Lane

Honorary Secretary               Nigel Healy 

Honorary Treasurer               Daniel King

Tennis Membership              Robert Reynolds

Men’s Tennis Captain           Emmett Higgins

Ladies' Tennis Captain         Sharon Larkin

Men’s Bowling Captain        Anthony Hogan

Ladies Bowling Captain       Rosemary Brown

Bowling Membership           Maria Jackson

Clubhouse Mgt                     Michael Scanlon

Cross Sect.Social Events      Sinead Lardner

Digital Projects                      Elmagh Killeen

Non-Board member:

Greens Convenor                  Brian Kelly

Club Membership


Please see information regarding Membership by clicking on the Link below. Bowling: The Bowling section is open to new members. Tennis: Membership applications are being accepted for 2024/2025 - waiting list in place.

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